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Film & Movies, Part I

2007 notes : some texts are left from the previous class (Monaco, boggs textbooks) -- I leave it on, NEW = lessons I.1, I.2, I.3, I.4 and etc.
* textbook'07 Bordwell -- Web Unit One : Part I and II in Film Art

Directing 1. FILM AS AN ART
The Nature of Art
Ways of Looking at Art

The Spectrum of Abstraction

The Modes of Discourse

The "Rapports de Production"

Film, Recording, and the Other Arts

Film, Photography, and Painting

Film and the Novel

Film and Theater

Film and Music

Film and the Environmental Arts

The Structure of Art

2 Monaco:

3. Language Monaco.

Film, Form & Culture
Chapter 1: Image and Reality
Chapter 2: Formal Structures: How Films Tell Their Stories
Chapter 3: Building Blocks I: The Shot
Chapter 4: Building Blocks II: The Cut
Chapter 5: The Story Tellers of Film I
Chapter 6: The Story Tellers of Film II: The Film Director
Chapter 7: Film as Cultural Practice
Chapter 8: The Stories Told By Film I
Chapter 9: The Stories Told By Film II
Confusing: movies should be first, not film. According to Monaco: Film as an Art (something from 200X). Next -- technology.

Should I start from I (end)? Film & Media: A Chronology (very closed to my timetable in Seven Ages of Cinema).

Part I. Film as an Art

Hummer: art or tech? Wheel: forms/ideas -- functionality. Work -- Idea.
Art is technology -- IT!

Art v. Science -- could science be seen as "low art"? "De-emotionalized science"?
"New Technologies" (techniques) require new instruments, but was the words, a technology developed by many (society). The 20th century tools of self-expression require direct participation of all in expression of one (?)

The Performance Arts (in real time)
The Representational Arts (depend on the established codes).
The Recording Arts
Spectrum of Abstruction p. 28 + The Modes of Discourse p. 30 (The Work, The Artist, The Observer).

[ Mass media must be ritualistic? High tech -- if not through consumption, then through production? ] [ Segments in class (movies): Terminator II, Godfather ... and Chaplin ]

[ Bergman, Antonioni, Eisenstein, Silents + Plays ]
* see calendar for last minute notes!

Recording v. Old Arts


Time as Space [Cubism and montage ] + Film and Novel, Film & Theatre


Storyboarding (Bergman's "Dream" segment from "Wilde Srawberries"?)
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TECHNOLOGY -- Film Directing Pages!

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