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Charlie Chaplin: Movies=Films?
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Film Analysis class (sample)

... Charlie's coming of age in 1931's City Lights was followed in 1936 by his last screen appearance in Modern Times, a film which marks the figurative demise of the Little Tramp in the age of the big machine.

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Who was Charlie Chaplin?
Film & Video Directing (Spring 2004): textbook Grammar of the Film Language by Daniel Arijon

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, (April 16, 1889 December 25, 1977) was the most famous actor in early to mid Hollywood cinema, and later also a notable director. His principal character was "The Tramp": a vagrant with the refined manners and dignity of a gentleman who wears a tight coat, oversized pants and shoes, a derby or bowler hat, a bamboo cane, and his signature square mustache. Chaplin was one of the most creative personalities in the silent film era; he acted in, directed, scripted, produced, and eventually scored his own films.


"My goal was to not give away too much information, so as to ruin the movie watching experience due to the twists in the movie, but to alson give just enough information as to intrigue the reader's interest and hopefully allow them to go out and rent the movie themselves."
Wrong -- explain in class! How, not WHAT. [ see papers page in main directory * ]

Film Art

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Film & Movies I: Notes 07

2005: start with Chaplin!
SAMPLE (archive): Pianist, Roman Polansky (2002, Dec.): a few thoughts. Does the idea of survival has its limitations? (Existentialism: Jewish Note -- tragedy as destiny). Mon. 4.7.2003 -- 200 words.

Art (music) as justification?

Acting: (What do we consider "great" onscreen performance?) Method, Realism, Naturalism -- and Acting for the camera.

Themes & Message --

First assignment : 2007 (class-vote) Best Movie -- ?

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Walter Benjamin wrote that
On his endless walks through the streets of London with their black and red houses, Chaplin learned to observe. He has himself told how the idea of bringing this character with the jerky gait, the small cropped moustache and the bamboo cane into the world first came to him when he saw office workers coming from the Strand. To him, this specific demeanor and this clothing expressed the ethos of a man lingering over something (311). *

[ Bergman, Antonioni, Eisenstein, Silents + Plays ]
The Kid [in class]
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Progress in arts -- to abstruction? Or opposite.

Aesthetics : What is How


[ "Your favorite movie" -- first assignment ]
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Film Technique
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