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"Film Analysis" -- 2007 : Film Art: An Introduction (Paperback) by David Bordwell [ 1 * 2 * 3 ]

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Tarkovsky vs. Eisenstein + North vs. South + West & East + Wild West (USA) + Russian & Soviet

Film Art -- ch.11 and Appendix

... In "How to Read a Film" [ recomm.] the first part is called FILM AS AN ART, the third part is about THE LANGUAGE of FILM and only the fifth -- FILM THEORY: FORM an FUNCTION.

If you read my Film-North webpages, you probably guessed already that I consider Film as modern (or better say, postmodern) Philosophy (see Film-Philosophy online journal), i.e. the way we study and understand the world today. Visually.

In POV (Point of View) I began to write about the upcoming "LANGUAGE OF ANGELS", the new way for us to communicate.

Of course, I do not believe that it's "just movies"...


Theory of Film: The Redemption of Physical Reality by Siegfried Kracauer; Oxford University Press, 1960


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