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Midterm [ research ]

final [ analytical ]

... 200 words

Class Project(s)

[ ] Assignments:

I. Short analysis of mise-en-scene, cinematography, and editing, due ____ (30% of grade)

1. mise-en-scene (setting, costume, lighting, and acting, and the placement of these elements in space and time)

2. cinematography (qualities of the photographic image, of the framing of shots, of camera movement, and of the duration of individual shots)

3. editing or montage (the relation of shot to shot). All these elements go into giving a film its particular look.

Take two films: the first a film that we have seen in class in the last several weeks, and the second another film, of your own choosing -- and write about 1-2-3.

The overall length of the paper should be four or five pages, typed and double-spaced.

II. Short analysis of a recent film, due ____ (30% of grade)

For this short paper, the aim is to put together the various things we have learned in the course of the quarter. For this purpose, I would like for you to choose a new film: either a film that is playing in theaters now, in first release, or else a film that opened fairly recently, and that has just come out on video. Write an account of this film, describing how it works, formally, narratively, and stylistically, to create feelings and meanings. You may discuss any or all of the following: mise-en-sc§Úne (including acting), cinematography, editing, use of sound, overall organization, and style. Keep in mind, however, that the point of the paper is not merely to list the chosen movie's features, but to give a cohesive account of the means it employs to produce its aesthetic effects. The overall length of the paper should be about five pages, typed and double-spaced.

III. Take-home final, questions given out December 9, due December 17 (40% of grade)

In-Class Presentation:
Choose at least three films from the movie analysis handout. You will be divided into four groups and work together to present to the rest of us your insights about the motion pictures you selected (Groups 1 and 2 on ___ and Groups 3 and 4 on ___ ). Look for connections between them. Each group will have (one hour?) for your presentation so edit your video selections. Be sure and leave a lot of time for discussion. You must include a 3-page paper detailing your points. [?] (from COMM 515T - Film, Theory and Aesthetics well developed course! Dr. Paul Martin Lester, Professor (dr. les) California State University, Fullerton)

Script Evaluation Card:

Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Plot and Plausibility
Structure and Pacing
Writing Style

* "My Favorite Movie" Assignment (first class, intellectual self-intro). Demo -- myself with the Mirror by Andrey Tarkovsky (second class -- my favorite?)

Fall 2005. The new pages will be developed in the vertical hierarchy (I-1, I - 2, II, III and so on. The texts/notes are there!)

2005 Film w/Anatoly * CHE'05 : cast and crew @ groups.yahoo.com/group/wwwilde *

"What's the best movie you've seen recently?"


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Assignments and Assessment -- Revised 

Discussion blogs 20 percent
Weekly online blog entries must be posted by midnight on the Wednesday night following the class unless otherwise specified. Your during-screening or post-screening writings should inform the intelligence behind your blog ideas.

Midterm exam 20 percent 
Midterm exam will cover material from the first half of the semester.

Term exam 25 percent 
Term exam will cover material from the entire semester.

Research Essay:  35 percent
Preferred style is APA or MLA. This assignment must be submitted in hard-copy format; e-mailed assignments will not be accepted. 
2008 -- midterm "My Favorite Movie"

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