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"Bergman" : as if this stage project was waiting for his death. [web-show]

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... Wild Strawberries

... my questions :

inner monologue and stream of consciousnessw

* techniques ( "dream" style -- thoughts, daydreaming, and etc. )

contract with "reality" (Real1.0)

Method Acting pages -- "visible psychology"

... I cannot jump from film analysis (Bergman I) to philosophy (Bergman III) without discussing the filmmaker (Bergman II).

Because film is extremely mimetic it should crave for metaphysics. And -- it must have this ability for new, non-verbal philosophy (film600).

Bergman's historicity -- he still needs a shot od sleeping Dr. borg to start his first dream/nightmare.

-- old Borg interacting with his past/youth [ not right away ].

B. didn't say that is the last day of Isaak Borg -- and the old man died in his sleep. [ my interpretation ]

... B's theatricality --

"Bergman's thought process" --

-- Style of Bergman

more questions ...


vtheatre.net/fm -- filmmaking
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Film School in Ethiopia : LUL

Lul-Film : cine101

cine101 w/Anatoly
video.stumbleupon.com Bergman - Film Mining

* analysis of Dr. Borg's first dream (from page to screen and back) -- homework and in class

The 7th Seal (very top):

The night had brought little relief from the heat, and at dawn a hot gust of wind blows across the colorless sea. The KNIGHT, Antonius Block, lies prostrate on some spruce branches spread over the fine sand. His eyes are wide-open and bloodshot from lack of sleep.

Nearby his squire JONS is snoring loudly. He has fallen asleep where he collapsed, at the edge of the forest among the wind-gnarled fir trees. His open mouth gapes towards the dawn, and unearthly sounds come from his throat. At the sudden gust of wind, the horses stir, stretching their parched muzzles towards the sea. They are as thin and worn as their masters.

The KNIGHT has risen and waded into the shallow water, where he rinses his sunburned face and blistered lips. JONS rolls over to face the forest and the darkness. He moans in his sleep and vigorously scratches the stubbled hair on his head. A scar stretches diagonally across his scalp, as white as lightning against the grime.

The KNIGHT returns to the beach and falls on his knees. With his eyes closed and brow furrowed, he says his morning prayers. His hands are clenched together and his lips form the words silently. His face is sad and bitter. He opens his eyes and stares directly into the morning sun which wallows up from the misty sea like some bloated, dying fish. The sky is gray and immobile, a dome of lead. A cloud hangs mute and dark over the western horizon. High up, barely visible, a seagull floats on motionless wings. Its cry is weird and restless. The KNIGHT'S large gray horse lifts its head and whinnies. Antonius Block turns around.

Behind him stands a man in black. His face is very pale and he keeps his hands hidden in the wide folds of his cloak.

KNIGHT Who are you?

DEATH I am Death.

KNIGHT Have you come for me?

DEATH I have been walking by your side for a long time.

KNIGHT That I know.

DEATH Are you prepared?

KNIGHT My body is frightened, but I am not.

DEATH Well, there is no shame in that.

The KNIGHT has risen to his feet. He shivers. DEATH opens his cloak to place it around the KNIGHT'S shoulders.

KNIGHT Wait a moment.

DEATH That's what they all say. I grant no reprieves.

KNIGHT You play chess, don't you?

A gleam of interest kindles in DEATH'S eyes.

DEATH How did you know that?

KNIGHT I have seen it in paintings and heard it sung in ballads.

DEATH Yes, in fact I'm quite a good chess player.

KNIGHT But you can't be better than I am.

The KNIGHT rummages in the big black bag which he keeps beside him and takes out a small chessboard. He places it carefully on the ground and begins setting up the pieces.

DEATH Why do you want to play chess with me?

KNIGHT I have my reasons.

DEATH That is your privilege.

KNIGHT The condition is that I may live as long as I hold out against you. If I win, you will release me. Is it agreed?

The KNIGHT holds out his two fists to DEATH, who smiles at him suddenly. DEATH points to one of the KNIGHT'S hands; it contains a black pawn.

KNIGHT You drew black!

DEATH Very appropriate. Don't you think so?

The KNIGHT and DEATH bend over the chessboard. After a moment of hesitation, Antonius Block opens with his king's pawn. DEATH moves, also using his king's pawn.

The morning breeze has died down. The restless movement of the sea has ceased, the water is silent. The sun rises from the haze and its glow whitens. The sea gull floats under the dark cloud, frozen in space. The day is already scorchingly hot.

The squire JONS is awakened by a kick in the rear. Opening his eyes, he grunts like a pig and yawns broadly. He scrambles to his feet, saddles his horse and picks up the heavy pack.

The KNIGHT slowly rides away from the sea, into the forest near the beach and up towards the road. He pretends not to hear the morning prayers of his squire. JONS soon overtakes him.
JONS (sings) Between a strumpet's legs to lie Is the life for which I sigh.

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picasa album : BERGMAN

ingmar bergman -- wild strawberries

North Idea : North of the West

Bergman I (Analysis), Bergman II (Directing), Bergman III (Theory)

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Bergman Pages:

First pages @ film-north -- http://filmplus.org/bergman.html

http://filmplus.org/plays/bergman.html -- script (wild strawberries)

7th seal online @ plays.filmplus.org

Winter Light .... presented by ...

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film_archive -- **** euroscreenwrites [ see Ingmar Bergman Film Archive: 4 videos -- Winter Light (above) ]

Persona I (intro, including titles in Swedish)

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What is a strange story... "Persona" -- what is your identity, screen identity, and "password"... which one? I have many.

[ script, fragments, storyboard ]

Protestant with a Camera : "Cinema" -- writing with light.

... shot-by shot analysis and analysis of each shot

... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona_(film) [ read ]

[ camerawork - cinematography, how camera moves ]

Persona II persona [ image -- Bergman pix in Picasa Albums : Film & Cinema ]


... [ evolution from Dreams in Wild Strawberries, "Late Bergman" ]

-- Where to talk about Bergman as a writer? Great style of script writing.

[ Bergman in Film Directing class -- filmplus.org/film ]

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7th Seal

The seventh seal : cell scene

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Film = Philosophy

Finale. Cries and Whispers:

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Bergman http://movies2.nytimes.com/person/81548/Ingmar-Bergman/biography

NYTimes :

Ingmar Bergman, Famed Director, Dies at 89
By MERVYN ROTHSTEIN 11 minutes ago

Ingmar Bergman, the “poet with the camera” who is considered one of the greatest directors in motion picture history, died today on the small island of Faro where he lived on the Baltic coast of Sweden, Astrid Soderbergh Widding, president of The Ingmar Bergman Foundation, said. Bergman was 89.

Critics called Mr. Bergman one of the directors — the others being Federico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa — who dominated the world of serious film making in the second half of the 20th century.

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