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Theatre Books Film Analysis: A Norton Reader Jeffrey Geiger, University of Essex (Ed.) R. L. Rutsky, San Francisco State University (Ed.) 0-393-97983-0 Х paper Х 960 pages Х 2005
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film theory (amazon)

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Inside the Film Factory: New Approaches to Russian and Soviet Cinema by Ian Christie, Richard Taylor; Routledge, 1991 [ - 2: Kuleshov's Experiments and the New Anthropology of the Actor ]

Eisenstein Rediscovered by Ian Christie, Richard Taylor; Routledge, 1993

- Part I: Eisenstein Studies Today: Text and Context - Chapter 1: Arguments and Ancestors - Chapter 2: Jay Leyda and Bezhin Meadow - Chapter 3: Eisenstein's Early Films Abroad - Chapter 4: Recent Eisenstein Texts - Part II: Eisenstein's Roots - Chapter 5: Eisenstein and Russian Symbolist Culture - Chapter 6: Eisenstein's Theatre Work - Chapter 7: Eisenstein's Pushkin Project - Chapter 8: Eisenstein and Shakespeare - Chapter 9: Graphic Flourish - Part III: The Practice of Theory - Chapter 10: Eisenstein as Theoretician Preliminary Considerations - Chapter 11: The Essential Bone Structure Mimesis in Eisenstein - Chapter 12: Eisenstein and the Theory of 'Models'; Or, How to Distract the Spectator's Attention - Chapter 13: Eisenstein and the Theory of the Photogram - Chapter 14: The Frame and Montage in Eisenstein's 'Later' Aesthetics


2007 Film: intro (670 pp. $70) 978-0312412678 3rd ed.

Film Art: An Introduction with Tutorial CD-ROM (Paperback) by David Bordwell (Author), Kristin Thompson (Author) 978-0073310275 500pp. $70 *

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2007 textbook -- Film Art

The Oxford History of World Cinema by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith; Oxford University Press, 1997

Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema by Christian Metz, 0226521303

Movies and Methods: An Anthology 0520054091

Film Analysis: A Norton Reader Jeffrey Geiger, University of Essex (Ed.) R. L. Rutsky, San Francisco State University (Ed.) 0-393-97983-0 Х paper Х 750 pages Х 2005

Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings 0195105982

The Major Film Theories: An Introduction 0195019911

How to Read a Film: The World of Movies, Media, and Multimedia: Language, History, Theory by James Monaco 019503869X

Film Studies: Critical Approaches 0198742800

Concepts in Film Theory 0195034287

The Brain Is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema 0816634475

The Skin of the Film: Intercultural Cinema, Embodiment, and the Senses by Laura U. Marks 0822323915

Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus: Introduction to Schizoanalysis

The Logic of Sense by Gilles Deleuze, Constantin V. Boundas (Editor), Mark Lester (Translator), Charles Stivale (Translator)

* making movies http://www.wadsworth.com

THR 334W (3 Credits) Spring 2003 Movies and Films (3+0) h Explores rotating thematic topics in the art of classic cinema (films) and popular mass media (movies). Comparative analysis of classics and recent motion pictures is used to present elements of film language, analysis and criticism.

Making Sense of Movies *

ACTING -- Sharon Carnicke's book is STANISLAVSKY IN FOCUS. It's a first-rate, one-volume treatment of Stanislavski and what happened to his work when it came to the U.S.


Theatre Theory dir

Andrey Tarkovsky: Sculpting in Time : Reflections on the Cinema
Paperback: 254 pages * Publisher: University of Texas Press; Reprint edition (April 1, 1989)
The idea behind the title of the book is that the film-goer goes to the cinema to experience time, and that the director's job is to sculpt the time that the audience experiences-- cut away the inessential words and seconds and pieces. This book is an introduction to the rules that Tarkovsky set for himself in achieving this goal.

Russian Sources: see RAT pages!

The Split and the Structure, by Rudolph Arnheim 
To the Rescue of Art, by Rudolph Arnheim 
Parables of Sun Light, by Rudolph Arnheim 
The Power of the Center, by Rudolph Arnheim 
New Essays on the Psychology of Art, by Rudolph Arnheim 
The Genesis of a Painting, by Rudolph Arnheim 
The Dynamics of Architectural Form, by Rudolph Arnheim 
Art and Visual Perception, by Rudolph Arnheim 
Entropy and Art, by Rudolph Arnheim 
Visual Thinking, by Rudolph Arnheim 
Toward a Psychology of Art, by Rudolph Arnheim 
Film Studies Critical Approaches Edited by John Hill and Pamela Church Gibson Consultant Editors: Richard Dyer, E. Ann Kaplan and Paul Willemen 0198742800 $23 -- The most up-to-date critical guide available, Film Studies guides readers through the maze of film theory to the heart of the subject. A team of international experts provides an overview of the principal disciplinary approaches to film studies, explaining the main concepts and methods involved in film analysis and discussing key areas--including important new topics such as film audiences and reception, queer theory, film and psychoanalysis, and poststructuralist debates--in detail.

Andrey Tarkovsky



Ingmar Bergman


http://lib.ru/PXESY/GODAR/interview.txt Godar, interview, Russian

–ежиссеры бывают трех видов: умные, изобретательные и большинство. (∆ан  окто)

"Independent Film Production" "God Father" "Pulp Fiction" "Film Directing Fundamentals" "Film Directing, Cinematic Motion" "Chaplin" "Citizen Kane" "Tarkovsky, Nostalghia" "Battleship Potemkin" "Directing Techniques" "Tarkovsky, Mirror" "Film Directing, Cinematic Motion" "From Script to Screen" "Directing Actors" "Film Directors on Directing" "The New York Times Guide to the Best 1000 Movies Ever Made" "Thinking Like a Director" "The Definitive Guide to Independent and Foreign Films on Video and DVD" "The Visual Story, Seeing the Structure of Film, TV and New Media" "Make Your Own Damn Movie!" "The Major Film Theories, An Introduction" "Film As Art by Rudolf Arnheim" "Theory of Film by Siegfried Kracauer"


Beauvoir, Simone de 
Camus, Albert 
Heidegger, Martin 
Jaspers, Karl 
Marcel, Gabriel 
Ortega y Gasset, Jose 
Rosenzweig, Franz 
Sartre, Jean-Paul 
Shestov, Lev 

Baudrillard, Jean 
Butler, Judith 
de Man, Paul 
Deleuze and Guattari 
Derrida, Jacques 
Foucault, Michel 
Haraway, Donna 
Lyotard, Jean-Francois 
West, Cornel

Film as art from librarything.com

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