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* dictionary :

* Theory -- Refers to a significant section of explanatory or theoretical material, often referring to matters of pedagogy or concepts of theatre.

* Examples -- Refers to descriptions of past work done in classrooms or with performers. These examples are usually meant for practical application, as opposed to being presented as abstract case studies.

* Activities -- Refers to a listing of a variety of activities that may be put to use directly.

* Lesson Plans -- An extension on the list of activities, the series of lesson plans aids the educator in putting together a fully realized unit.

* Assessment -- Refers to suggested methodology for evaluating student work.

[ connected with cine101.com and ressieur.us relates to class pages? ]

FOUR STEPS = 1. Cinema (national) : 2. Director : 3. Film(s) : 4. Elements

google video to watch for class (at home) + choices from film.vtheatre.net 2007

list(s) -- movies new titles?

... questions I asked myself (and didn't answer).

* example : Kurosawa and (his) Dreams -- fragments (associations) and "from within" narrative [ "stream of consciousness" -- def. ]

2008 -- 2009
Film analysis textbook needs a different aim.

vtheatre.net/fm : 4 Masters



... Art and culture [ Spengler ] = Culture & Civilization (?)


books for cine101
FILM & Movies (textbook?)

Auteur Cinema (Art Films) and movies

Poetics (Aristotle) : Lyrics and Epics

Both based on Dramatic (Poetry)

Form and Narrative

forms and narratives ?

Both are needed -- as prose and poetry

One chapter is on Film, next -- on movie, and so on.

What movie? Four from the "top ten"?

Masterpiece and (commercial) success(?) -- what is the criteria?

... Four Masters (vtheatre.net/fm) -- 4 part only : Film and Its Maker. ("What is Art?") Film is bigger than its director.

About movies? directing.filmplus.org -- craft. Director is bigger than his movies?

"4" (The Four) -- could it be three or five? About the number -- why "four"?


References -- the textbooks I used --

Where to go online --

film cinema,directors,bergman

publish --

POD in sellassie.info (?)