THR470 Film Directing, 2006, Textbook Reading

post to our class list or bring to class your hard copy (11.22.06)
Part 3. Writing and Story Development, chapters 7-11 (Rabiger 3 ed.)

1. What is "plot points"?

2. What is the Dogme Group's "Vow of Chastity"? (some points-examples)

3. "Writing is circular, not linear" -- explain.

4. How to test your script on others?

5. Give an example of "actor-centered" movie.

6. Story Archetypes. Do you have it in your class movie?

7. What the Hero's Journey?

8. Writing the Prospectus -- name a few steps.

Part 4. Aesthetics and Authourship

9. POV. First sequence in The Departed -- who's POV?

10. What is "implied point of view"?

11. Genre and archetypes: define your "favorite movie".

12. Linear and Nonlinear Time -- what's the difference?

13. What is STYLE?

Read part 5 for next class! Post questions...