[ archive page ] Movies and Films THR 334W -- Movies and Films (3 credits) * Writing Intensive
* Fall 2007 : textbook = Film Art: An Introduction (Paperback) with Tutorial CD-ROM by David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson * McGraw-Hill 0073310271 8 ed. 2006

Fall 2005 Theatre UAF

View films and read screenplays
Lectures on fundamental concepts
Analysis and discussion of films and screenplays

ISSUS: Tarkovsky vs. Eisenstein + North vs. South + West & East + "Wild West" (USA) + Russian & Soviet

History of this course:

When I came to UAF, the place has no Film Studies and this class was to help build a film minor, at least.

The title "Film and Drama" -- because the theatre department was the originator of the film studies ("Drama program" at the time). Theatre UAF is still a coordinator of "film minor" and we have BA with the emphasis in video directing.

Now this course has the name "Film and Movies" and, if you read my webpage, you understand why? Films are the movies which advance the language of cinema... and this is what we study in this class.

Anatoly Antohin * Film Analysis Fall 2005.

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THR 334-F71 Movies & FILM (H) (W)
Theatre UAF
Fall 2005 Fri. 2.15-5.15 pm Music 301 Office Hours: by appointment @ Theatre 104
Anatoly Antohin, 5253 (o), 455-6149 (h) email: ffaga@uaf.edu
Film Website (main) filmplus.org

Pages are updated while the class is in progress: class main directory -- film.vtheatre.net Textbook:

How to Read a Film by James Monaco

Comprehensive overview of film process to introduce non-theatre students to theoretical and critical frameworks of film-making, acting and directing. Lectures with film viewings will focus on screen performance as the means of dramatic communication. Fundamentals of Film Theory will be introduced. Papers: midterm, final and two "subject" papers. (Film Minor requirement. Cross-listing with JB and English Depts.)

Topics: 20th century: Post-Gutenberg Visual Universe. Global Village and film language. Performance -- nonverbal communications. Performance and Audience; Social Art and Audience Society. Film Actor: Story through the Character. Acting on Camera, for the Camera, Screen Performance. Method Acting and Cinema. Acting Styles and Stars. Social models and the cult of celebrities. Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller.

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2005 : How to Read a Film, Jim Monaco [ pp. according to the 3rd Edition ]

[ Recommended The Art of Watching Films by Joseph Boggs, 3rd Ed. ]

Master-File (Library)


[ to be updated ]

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
A Streetcar Named Desire
From "Citizen Kane" to "The Godfather"
Kurosawa: Dreams
Eisenstein: Potemkin + Vertov
Wild Strawberries
Hamlet + Romeo & Juliet (1996)
Amadeus by Forman
Europe 1, Fellini 8 1/2
USA: Pulp Fiction
Tarkovsky: Rublev & Mirror
[ new movies of the season ]

Students will complete an ungraded writing sample on or near the first day of class to help the teacher assess writing ability and general competence.
Students will receive comments from the teacher and/or peers on drafts of written work. In other words, students will work through a draft-and-redraft process so that they can apply feedback and become more effective writers. If students complete a major research project, the teacher will supervise the students' writing in stages.
Students will meet individually with the teacher at least once during the term to discuss their writing.


Class One[1]
Intro. Film as ART (Monaco p.22): History of New Medium -- Seven Ages of Film. Cinema and Other Arts. Textbook Ch. 1 - FILM (dramatic) ANALYSIS (Homework) "My favorite move" non-grade review 200 words review paper.

Films and/or Movies. Concept: Dramatic Structure into Film Language. Storytelling in Film. Dramatic composition. Exposition-Climax-Resolution. Segmentation. Scenes and episodes. _One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest_.

Class Two[2]
Aristotle at the movies: Idea, Plot and Character. Conflict and Action. Themes. [Ch.3 - Language p.152]

Script and Screen. [Eisenstein: _Through Theatre to Cinema_.] Scenes and Plot: Mise-en-Scene I. Primary Motion. _A Streetcar Named Desire_*: Williams and Brando.

Class Three[3]
Images and Symbols. Pictures in Motion. Ch.2 -- Technology p.68.

[Eisenstein _The Filmic Fourth Dimension_] Time-space in film. _The Godfather_. FIRST TEST (Home-take).
Also, see Books

(Eisenstein reading is not required, cited as original sources)

Class Four[4]
Secondary Motion? Camera acts (direct). [Ch. 4 -- History p.228]

[Eisenstein _A Dialectic Approach to Film Form_] Camera and POV. Conflict. Shots and Cuts. Directing and Editing. _Terminator_* FIRST SUBJECT PAPER DUE (3 pp. min).

[ Don't be late with your 200 words reaction on the assigned titles! ]

Read textbook chapters before your class!
Class Five[5]
Four Dimensional World. Visual Composition. Ch. 5 -- Theory p.388

[Eisenstein _The Cinematic Principle and the Ideogram_] Framing, camerawork, cinematography. _Wild Strawberries_* Individual Conferences. FINAL RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC ASSIGNED.

Class Six[6]
Director, Camera, Actors. Styles -- overview. Sound, contra-point. Ch. 6 -- Media p.428

[Eisenstein _Methods of Montage_] POV and Mise en Scene II: _Pulp Fiction_* MIDTERM PAPER DUE (6 pp. min).

Class Seven[7]
Shades of Realism. Genres. [Ch. 7 -- The Multimedia p.518] + Acting

Character Relationships: Method Acting and Cinema. Actor: Performance as a non-verbal communication. _Amadeus_*; Drama on stage and screen: Adaptations.

Class Eight[8]
Director: color, drama, composition, style and etc. The Director's Style (Review Concept)

[Eisenstein _The Structure of the Film_] _8 1/2_ Light and Shadows: Physical Reality as a Material.

Watch Films: Use Your Weekends!
Class Nine[9]
Overview. Analysis of the Whole Film, Adaptations (Amadeus, A Streetcar Named Desire, Romeo & Juliet)

_The Taming of the Shrew_: Drama and Comedy. SECOND SUBJECT PAPER DUE (3 pp. min).

Class Ten[10]
Shots, Cuts, and Montage. [ Genre, Remakes, and Sequels ]

[Eisenstein _Film Language_] Story-boarding: _Battleship Potemkin_ SECOND TEST (open-book, 30 min. in class).

Final paper outline due. Discussion in class. Conferences.

Class Eleven[11]
Universal language. Post-modern theories.

Society and Films. Dreams* by Kurosawa. FINAL PAPER CONSULTING.

Class Twelve[12]
Basics of Semiology. Signs and meaning. How to "read" film: textbook review.

Film Poetics. Art Films. Tarkovsky _Andrey Rublev_

Film, Video, Television. Digital Age. Film 600 class preview.

Paper presentation in class. Final Paper (10-15 pp.)

Final Test in Class


Final Paper 40%
Midterm Paper 20%
Two (2) subject Papers (10% each) 20%
Two (2) Tests (5% each) 10%
Attendance 10%
Missed classes and late papers -- reduced grade!

Other Film Courses at UAF:
English 217 Introduction to the Study of Film, JB 308 Film and TV Criticism, THR 380 Film and Video Directing, JB 105 History of Cinema THR 215 Dramatic Literature

Books Recommended:
Tony Barr _Acting for the Camera_ New York, Harper & Row, 1982.
Charles Marowtiz _The Art of Being: Towards a Theory of Acting_ New York Grove Press, 1974.
Rudolf Arnheim _Visual Thinking_ Berkeley: University of California Press, 1969.
Arthur Berger _Seeing is Believing_ Mayfield Publishing Co. 1983
Sergei Eisenstein _Film Sense_ New York: HBJ, 1975.
David Park _The Image of Eternity_ Umass Press, 1980.


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