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Like with Brecht it is more interesting to study theories of Eisenstein, than his creations (Formalism)...

... He left theatre (bottom) because he understood that "Formal Element" is much stronger in Film, nothing but FORM! "Form is Essense".

... Meyerhold struggled to revolutionize Theatre, Film was the Revolution.

... In Europe it was time of Dada and Sur-Realism...

... They felt that Hollywood, Hitler and Socialist Realism were advancing.

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Eisenstein - Director vs. Eisenstein - Theorist


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An American Tragedy (1931) by S. M. Eisenstein, G. V. Alexandrov and Ivor Montagu.
Based on the Novel by Theodore Dreiser. Unproduced first draft screenplay, circa September 1930. [also, in questia.com]

Eisenstein Rediscovered by Ian Christie, Richard Taylor; Routledge, 1993 * Part I: Eisenstein Studies Today: Text and Context Chapter 1: Arguments and Ancestors Chapter 2: Jay Leyda and Bezhin Meadow Chapter 3: Eisenstein's Early Films Abroad Chapter 4: Recent Eisenstein Texts Part II: Eisenstein's Roots Chapter 5: Eisenstein and Russian Symbolist Culture Chapter 6: Eisenstein's Theatre Work Chapter 7: Eisenstein's Pushkin Project Chapter 8: Eisenstein and Shakespeare Chapter 9: Graphic Flourish Part III: The Practice of Theory Chapter 10: Eisenstein as Theoretician Preliminary Considerations Chapter 11: The Essential Bone Structure Mimesis in Eisenstein * Chapter 12: Eisenstein and the Theory of 'Models'; Or, How to Distract the Spectator's Attention Chapter 13: Eisenstein and the Theory of the Photogram Chapter 14: The Frame and Montage in Eisenstein's 'Later' Aesthetics

Theories of Film by Andrew Tudor; Viking Press, 1974 - 2:: Eisenstein: Great Beginnings

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russian cinema and rus (in russian) filmplus.org/kino [ russian cinema 21 century ]

Eisenstein & Theatre [ teatr.us 2007 ]

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Thinking about Eisenstein as Theory (film600)



Beyond Semiotics and Cultural Anthropology.


... the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution." One more Eisenstein's masterpiece of edition, using his theory of "intellectual montage". ...
Sergei M. Eisenstein and Grigori Aleksandrov - 1 hr 42 min

Dnevnik Glumova
Also known as "Glumov's Diary". "Filmic insert to Eisenstein's modernized, free adaptation of Ostrovskiy's 19th-century Russian stage play, & ...
Sergei M. Eisenstein - 6 min

Romance sentimentale
... short film directed and written by Grigori Aleksandrov and Sergei M. Eisenstein in France, 1930. Léonard Rosenthal - 20 min

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montage page + theory/semio

KINO (ideology)

"Sound (Soviet) Eisenstein" ("Second Eisenstein")

After Revolution (Film-Opera, Stalin's Movies)

Agitation or Propaganda (difference)


Alexander Nevsky (1938) -- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Nevsky

"Constructed Film" and what does it say about film public?

-- Desire to be manipulated.

... Surrender yourself to somebody's lead. "Giving away your time" = slavery, mass-men answer to the exitential terror.

... Film is MASS-media by definition.

What a match!

Mussolini and Stalin were needed. As cinema...

Was Eisenstein an artist?

Genius, craftsman, but an artist?


[ I don't know it even about Picasso! ]

"Artist" as a concept was under revision, that was the time of Death of Artistic? ...



Eisenstein in Russian --

Eisenstein and his Method: Recent Publications in Russia Senses of Cinema

... Mexican-Eisenstein Eisenstein and Meyerhold [ notes? ]


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