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David Trottier (1998). The Screenwriter's Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script. Silman-James Press. ISBN 1-879505-44-4. - Paperback
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film treatment wikipedia : A treatment or more properly film treatment is a piece of prose, typically the step between scene cards (index cards) and the first draft of a screenplay for a motion picture. It is generally longer and more detailed than an outline (or one page synopsis) and shorter and less detailed than a step outline but it may include details of directorial style that an outline omits. They read like a short story.


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samples from 2006 film class :


film treatment

Every film begins with an idea. Shortly after Laurel Ulrich's book A Midwife's Tale was published, I (producer/writer Laurie Kahn-Leavitt) read a review of the book, bought a copy, loved it, and called up rights division of Knopf, the publisher, to inquire about optioning the film rights. They told me to speak with Laurel, the author of the book, which I did. And the two of us clicked. From the very beginning, I had the idea of interweaving the story of Martha Ballard's life with Laurel Ulrich's process of piecing it together. The film I imagined would begin as a documentary (with the twentieth century historian and the eighteenth century diary) and evolve into a drama as Ulrich gradually figured out what happened in Martha Ballard's world. *

... Before writing a script, a film writer's first step is often a film treatment -- a detailed description of the film from beginning to end (typically 10-20 pages long). Before asking for the funding to script the film, I wrote a film treatment, using the structure worked out with the story cards and story graph, describing what would happen in the film, and (to some extent) what the film audience would see and hear.

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