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Bordwell [textbook ch.8 style] -- salient techniques : Noticeable, clear to see; obvious.


jumpcut movie:Method Acting

Masters (artists) and their stories: Wild Strawberries, 8.5, Mirror (first segments).

[ ru ] –ежиссеры бывают двух видов: одни думают, что они боги, другие знают это точно. (–етта ’ьюз)



Film Directing class

* Grammar of the Film Language by Daniel Arijon [ $24.95 ]

(2004 textbook film directing)

jumpcut movie:Fellini Pages city of women (8.5 in class)

tarkovsky web-movie (jumcut.com) - Mirror

Kurosawa - Dreams

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams consists of eight short films based on actual dreams of the director:
"Sunshine Through the Rain," features a young boy sneaking off into the forest on a rainy day to watch a procession of enchanted foxes. [WATCH!]
The Peach Orchard," a slightly older boy witnesses tree spirits performing a delicate dance. [WATCH! Part 1 ~ Part 2]
Weary travelers in "The Blizzard" face the elemental wrath of a snow enchantress. [WATCH! Part 1 ~ Part 2]
The Tunnel" finds a military officer haunted by the ghosts of his dead regiment. [WATCH! Part 1 ~ Part 2]
"Crows," an art aficionado literally walks into the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh (played by Martin Scorsese). [WATCH! Part 1 ~ Part 2]
"Mount Fuji in Red" is a fantastical cautionary tale about the hazards of nuclear power. [WATCH!]
"The Weeping Demon" portrays a similar story. [WATCH! Part 1 | Part 2]
"Village of the Watermills" brings the film to a quiet, pastoral end. [WATCH! Part 1 | Part 2]
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Bergman? Wild Strawberries

masters: director

Felinni * Kurosawa * Bergman * Tarkovsky * ... and their films * clips
Style = Vision?

Need to express yourself = Mirror, 8.5 ...

Poetry (Films vs. Movies)

Film as Art

Film as Philosophy

Film as History

... "themes" from script.vtheatre.net selection for 2007 : "man and woman"?