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epinions.com Top 10 Politics Movies :

JFK - Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman are led by Oliver Stone in this interesting story concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) investigates the situation and raises many questions about the tragic death. The JFK assassination has never been fully explained and the continuing questions and theories make for lively discussion. If this national tragedy still captures your imagination, this is a great movie to watch.

Nixon - Anthony Hopkins fully immerses himself in the role of President Richard Nixon. This is another Oliver Stone film. It's just as good as JFK, if not better. The movie follows Nixon through his political career and examines his secretive, scandal-ridden presidency, with most of the attention focused on the Watergate scandal. It's very interesting, Hopkins does a great job!

Ghandi - This multiple Oscar winning film is very powerful. Ben Kingsley gives perhaps the best performance of his career as Gandhi. The film drops in on Gandhi's life while he is still an English taught lawyer and follows him through to his untimely and tragic assassination. I never knew, before watching this movie, that Gandhi had been a lawyer. Gandhi was a great leader and is still an inspirational man. With non-violence and persistence Gandhi achieved what most thought was completely impossible - freedom from an oppressive foreign government.

Thirteen Days - The Cuban Missle Crisis, during the Kennedy Administration, brought our nation to the very brink of all out nuclear war with Russia. The Boston accent may not be realistic, but the film does a great job of capturing the audience. Thirteen days is a great political thriller.

Malcolm X - Spike Lee is known for many things, but I think Malcolm X is the best film he's made. Denzel Washington, one of the best actors of our time, is a very convincing and inspirational Malcolm X. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were both extremely important for the Civil Rights Movement. The film is powerful and very interesting. The characters are believable and the storyline is engaging.

All The President's Men - Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford are just amazing in this movie. They are perfect for their roles as Carl Bernstein (Hoffman) and Bob Woodward (Redford). All The President's Men is a great movie for journalism majors (like me!). The film is about the Washington Post reporter's investigation into the Watergate Scandal. As you probably know, the investigation led to the resignation of Nixon. It's too bad journalists aren't still doing great jobs like this today!

Born on the Fourth of July - Yet another Oliver Stone film. This one features Tom Cruise, in one of his best performances ever. We follow Ron Kovic from childhood through his teen years to his enlistment into the military and the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Kovic (Cruise) gets shot in Vietnam and is left paralyzed from the chest down. The tragedies of the Vietnam war haunt Kovic. The neglect of the military taints Kovic's patriotism. And it seems like no one can understand Kovic as he tries to adjust to his new life as a disabled veteran.

Not Without My Daughter - Sally Field has never really been an actress I've liked, but in Not Without My Daughter she really shows her skills. Betty Mahmoody (Field) is a woman married to an Iranian man. Betty's husband wants to take her and their daughter to Iran to visit family. To Betty's dismay, her husband decides to stay in Iran. Now Betty and her daughter cannot leave without her husband's permission. The American Government can't help her leave. Things go from bad to worse until Betty can arrange to be smuggled out of the country with her daughter. This movie is as much political as dramatic. It's a moving story.

The Pentagon Papers - The exposure of the Pentagon Papers was a real troubling find for Daniel Ellsberg (James Spader). The movie is based on the true story of Daniel Ellsberg. Ellsberg was a Harvard graduate and a former Marine given a high position inside the Pentagon. Ellsberg's dilema was whether the papers were a part of national security that should be secret or exposed as a nation's tragedy. It's a pretty good movie, James Spader does a fine job.

The Contender - Gary Oldman and Joan Allen star in The Contender along with Christian Slater, Jeff Bridges, and Sam Elliot. The President (Bridges) needs to fill his now Vice President vacancy. Senator Lain Hanson, a Republican turned Democrat, is President Evan's choice for the position. Congressman Sheldon Runyon (Oldman) is attempting to sabotage Hanson's bid for the position by uncovering secrets from her past. It's an good political thriller. Makes ya wonder when we'll really have a viable female candidate for either VP or President?

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