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"The director is simply the audience.... His job is to preside over accidents." --Orson Welles

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This is 300 level course and you should have some intro to film class or at least Core Aesthetics first!

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*** This course introduces you to different approaches to film analysis by focusing on a small number of directors and their works. We will look at different film-making modes, traditions and movements within the context of key critical debates of film studies. This will include an introduction to notions of authorship, modes of film practice and international cinema.
There are several service pages to support the content pages and there are a few directions of the studies. First, national cinema -- US, Italy, Japan and etc., represented by one or two great film directors, here, in Film Analysis. Second, the film theory, continuation of the basics at 200X files. Third, the postmodern take on film : Film600: Anti-Theory and my nonfiction novel POV.

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[ PS. I shouldn't shy away from my postmodern thoughts (POV, Tech); this is where my interest was and is to this day. Through film our understanding of present reality, history, future. Self and PostAmerica must be included. ]
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